Being a credit union with a century of expertise, we have been proud to supply loans that are personal all size and shapes. Our team of devoted professionals actively works to personalize loans to generally meet your specific borrowing needs. Bellwether provides every thing from short-term loans that are personal credit building loans guaranteed by the deposit records. Whether you are l king for a personal credit line, some type of computer, and even help with pet wellness, we could assist.

Bellwether offers personal loans to aid an array to our community of requirements. Benefit from tailored funding answers to fund tiny projects, unique occasions, or crisis costs. We offer unsecured loans in brand new Hampshire and Middlesex and Essex Counties with versatile terms, ensuring each member receives the funds they want, when they require it. You may want to make use of an individual personal credit line from Bellwether to guard against possible overdraft charges on your Loyalty rewards account that is checking.


Estimate your loan that is personal with easy-to-use calculator. Ch se your rate additionally the number of your loan that is personal to your payment per month with Bellwether Community Credit Union. Require assistance that is in-person? Browse our Manchester, Nashua, or Bedford branches to begin with. We’ve additionally recently expanded our membership to anybody living or employed in Essex and Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts!

Prices effective at the time of 7, 2021 february

Personal Loan 0-42 Term

8.75 monthper cent APR

Est. month-to-month pmt $27.73 per $1,000

Personal Bank Loan 43-54 Month Term

9.25per cent APR

Est. monthly pmt $22.71 per $1,000

Unsecured Loan 55-60 Term

9.75 monthper cent APR

Est. monthly pmt $21.13 per $1,000

Energy Loan 0-42 Month Term

8.25per cent APR

Est. month-to-month pmt $31.46 per $1,000

Energy Loan 43-54 Term

8.75 monthper cent APR

Est. month-to-month pmt $24.77 per $1,000

Energy Loan 55-60 Term

9.25 monthper cent APR

Est. monthly pmt $20.88 per $1,000

Personal Loans Tailored to Your Requirements



Maureen K. managed our transaction and had been great at responding to our questions and going the method along side quickly. Maureen had been a pleasure to work alongside and I also would definitely suggest her to others.

Staff is definitely friendly and helpful. Nice atmosphere and constantly a joy to complete business at Bellwether.

Individuals are exceptionally friendly and helpful. A lot better than any kind of bank i’ve done business with, will usually stick with Bellwether.

Exemplary customer support skills and a joy to work well with.


an unsecured loan from Bellwether is not restricted to one lifestyle option. There are numerous approaches to make use of your loan that is personal are only a number of the methods our members have actually selected to utilize theirs.

COMPUTER Whether you’re buying your very first desktop computer, purchasing a laptop computer for university, or just checking up on the latest technology, Bellwether has arrived to assist. You’ll have enough money you’ll want to use the latest styles in technology. This really is a option that is great pupils, and might be another great way to begin building your credit score.

DEBIT CONSOLIDATION with regards to debt, more is perhaps not better. Combine your financial troubles down seriously to a single, lower payment that is monthly Bellwether and get back control of your monetary life.

Wedding ceremony planning a marriage isn’t simple. You ought to make Aunt that is sure Cathy Cousin Janet aren’t seated near one another, that the dessert is being released just as you imagined, and please oh please don’t allow Uncle Murray anywhere near the DJ! There’s simply no r m to worry about cash during your wedding day. That loan with Bellwether can help place your head at ease, in order to concentrate on saying ‘i really do’ rather than ‘I can’t.’

HEALTH if you are struggling to find out how exactly to purchase your bills that are medical think about a Personal Loan from Bellwether. Unsecured loans are not simply for credit debt, they are able to also be employed for unforeseen emergencies and medical bills.

HEALTHIER animal Yeah Sprinkles can drive you peanuts whenever she’s got any sort of accident on the ground or chews up your f twear them, but she’s still a member of the family while you’re still wearing! Whenever those vet that is unexpected appear overwhelming, that loan from Bellwether might be precisely what the veterinarian ordered.

VACATION the sand that is warm your feet, the breathtaking view atop a mountain, waking up into the noise of the operating river, the stress and anxiety of exactly how you’re going to pay for the journey… wait that last one doesn’t appear so excellent. Don’t simply get off home, keep your economic concerns here t with that loan from Bellwether!


An individual personal credit line may be the perfect solution for instant income requirements or emergency expenses, and may also turn out to be a economical option to a loan that is payday. You will have the protection and comfort of once you understand you have access to funds when you really need them most. Your own personal credit line from Bellwether may also be connected to your Loyalty bank account, protecting you against the accidental or occassional overdraft.


Being enviromentally friendly in the home can price cash, but all of us wish to accomplish our component to safeguard environmental surroundings. Well, with Bellwether’s Energy Efficiency Loan, can help you both. You’ll conserve money into the run that is long including value to your residence and cutting your yearly power cost. Within the energy savings Partnership created between credit unions in brand new Hampshire, our Greenlight Energy Efficiency Loan may help help your house be energy conservation projects cheaper.

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